ABG FlexTray

ABG FlexTray® Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer Containment Tray

How To Use ABG FlexTray ®

2021_ABG-FlexTrayABG FlexTray® — A Flexible Spill Tray For The Easiest, Safest Way To Transport And Store Three Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers

• Lightweight Design For Easy Storage & Set-Up
• Complies with DOT, TSCA and EPA Guidelines
• Easily Stored on Utility Truck
• Safely Contain PCB’s and Other Contaminants
• Avoid Preventable Spills
• Universal Portable Containment Tray
• Easily Secure Tray To Transformer With Cam Buckles & Webbing
• Recyclable
• Available in 3 Sizes

Loading The First Unit (Video)

Loading The Second Unit (Video)

Loading The Third Unit (Video)

ABG FlexTray® In Use

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